China Resources Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise under China Resources Group responsible for investment, development, and operation management of microelectronics business. It has successively integrated Chinese semiconductor enterprises such as Huake Electronics, China Huajing, Shanghua Technology, and AVIC Microelectronics. After years of development and a series of integration, the company has become a comprehensive semiconductor enterprise with significant influence in China, Since 2004, it has been rated as one of the top 100 electronic information enterprises in China by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for many years. The company is a semiconductor enterprise with integrated operation capabilities throughout the entire industry chain, including chip design, wafer manufacturing, and packaging testing. Currently, the company's main business can be divided into two major business segments: products and solutions, and manufacturing and services. The company has independent product design and controllable manufacturing processes, and has strong product technology and manufacturing process capabilities in the field of discrete devices and integrated circuits, forming advanced characteristic processes and serialized product lines.
Shenzhen ouchuangxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on Analog IC design, R & D and service. In the design and development of high-performance analog semiconductor products, we have a number of independent patent technologies; at present, our products mainly focus on the integrated circuit design and supporting solution services related to low-voltage LED driver, power management, communication and Internet of things. Committed to become the leader of domestic analog chip!
Xinquan micro
Shanghai Xinquan micro is a high-performance analog and digital analog hybrid integrated circuit design company, focusing on the design, development and sales of integrated circuit products. It is co founded by a group of enthusiastic teams and senior consultants for the development of optoelectronic industry. The team members of the company have worked in the optical and electrical industry for many years and have rich professional experience.
Smart chip is a high-tech chip brand focusing on high-performance, high-efficiency, high-quality outdoor LED protocol and driver IC research and development. Based on the professional cognition of outdoor landscape lighting, stage lighting and other engineering lighting, as well as optimistic about its future prospects, since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the development and design of PWM high brightness dimming constant current driving IC, DMX512 protocol decoding IC and other related IC development and design, as well as low-voltage linear lighting, high-end automobile lighting and other fields. Smart chip's products are competitive and can effectively help customers quickly realize their own product and brand value. At the same time, we focus on the future, follow the pace of the market, and strive to provide customers with more real-time, more professional and higher quality product and service upgrading. 基于对户外景观亮化、舞台灯等工程照明的专业认知,和对其未来前景的看好,自公司成立以来,一直专注于 PWM 高辉调光恒流驱动 IC 、DMX512 协议解码 IC 等相关 IC开发与设计;以及低压线性照明、高端汽车照明等领域。智芯的产品具有竞争力,能够有力地帮助客户快速实现自身的产品和品牌价值。同时我们着眼未来,紧随市场的脚步,为客户提供更实时、更专业、更高品质的产品升级与服务升级而努力着。
About us

Shenzhen Quanhong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Quanhong"), headquartered in Shenzhen, adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, professional and sustainable development", and has a team that dares to challenge, is positive and has firm faith. Quanhong always implements the business policy of "creating value for customers", and constantly provides customers with the most advanced products, the best technical support, the most flexible logistics service chain, the most competitive product price and strong financial strength. Therefore, our sales volume has increased year by year, and our customers have been growing. It has developed into a well-known active component supply chain platform in the industry.

Products: LED power driver chip, emergency driver chip, DC-DC constant current driver chip, DC-DC power supply chip, lithium battery protection chip, MOS, capacitor, etc

Our tenet: take the customer demand as the highest instruction; persist in long-term struggle and strive to become a respectable company in the industry

Our talent view: we have a sound salary and welfare system, learning and promotion system, adhering to the talent concept of "people-oriented", pay attention to the absorption and training of talents at all levels, and strive to create a development platform for enterprise employees to reflect the value and realize their dreams. At the same time, Quanhong also attaches great importance to the promotion and development of internal talents, and supports innovation and Entrepreneurship with outstanding employees

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